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I started a website and hosted it on host gator, im on a business plan for 6 months. Ive noticed that the website is really really slow and I cant get SSL. My friend recommend using OVH but Im not sure what is best for wordpress. Should I switch or what is the best to make it faster and get ssl without having to pay for it?


I would just rent a server from Linode or some other host. That way you can host your Wordpress site, learn some linux, run a VPN server, even host other people’s sites.

The cheapest Linode goes for $5.00 US a month…

This is my referral link if you want to try them out:

Set up a Ubuntu 18.04 server, and then if you need help setting up Wordpress, there are a bunch of tutorials, and we can always help you from here. For example, you can use Letsencrypt for a free SSL certificate.

Ok thanks, is there hosting fast? I am using a premium themes from wordpress how would I transfer my site to them without losing the data?

I’m using 5 different Linode servers to host close to 90 different websites right now. It’s very fast. And you can do SSL and add a free tier of Cloudflare to speed things up even more once you’re up and running.

You can transfer your data by exporting it to your computer and then uploading or copying with ssh and sftp. If you need help doing that, there’s some students at Westwood that have done this kind of thing already – we actually did it in one of the networking courses, I think.

Or you can post questions here and I’m sure you’ll get a response from me or someone else :slight_smile:

@Diyaa and @ChocolateKid know all about running linux servers, don’t they? :slight_smile:

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@disen_kottage1 did we not talk about this already ???
I actually told you get a VPS and I will do it all for you.
you are just confused my friend.

@disen_kottage1 is your WordPress site related to school?

If so, we can host it on a server for you for free.

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Its for an online business so I dont think I can host it at the school.

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