Windows hyper V network issue

@miguel could you please show me how you set up your hyper v windows virtualizer because I do everything right except once I get to the network part and since I want my virtual machines to have an IP address on the local network just like bridge mode in VMware Hyper V messes up my network and I would have to reset all the network settings to restore network connectivity.

I’ve never don’t a hyper v windows virtualizer. I use VMware or proxmox.

What’s the issue you’re having?

I deleted it anyways. I just wanted to try it out and see how it works but what I found out is that Hyper V doesn’t allow more than a single Virtual Machine to use the Same Network Adapter as a Physical network connection at the same time!

I’m pretty sure you’d want to make a virtual switch and share the physical connection that way.

yeah, but I read somewhere that Hyper V doesn’t support that unless you have multiple network cards or a specific card that support it.

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thank you :))))))))))