Why you shouldn't use your work computer for personal stuff

your company can see what you’re doing in company-run programs like Slack and G-Suite Enterprise.

“If you’re on a work laptop, you should assume your IT can see everything,” says Ryan Toohil, who has worked in IT for 20 years and is currently CTO of Aura, a digital security firm. “It’s the company’s laptop. They own it. It’s enrolled in a corporate IT product where they’re going to be able to track where you go on the internet.” Toohil emphasized that not all IT departments are regularly digging through their employees’ web history — but there’s always a risk that they could.

I have a friend working for a big IT company here in Edmonton. He told me a few days stories about people doing sketchy stuff on laptops that are managed by their cooperate :slight_smile: . I just don’t understand why would be do sketchy stuff on work devices :thinking: .