Ubuntu KDE connect

I have tried the app kde connect on android and I would say that the developer of this app is literally a human with a computer brain.
with this app you can see your phone battery level, send and receive files from whichever device, receive calls and massages on your laptop find your phone, use the keyboard of your phone on your computer or the keyboard of your computer to control your phone, browse phone files, control presentation file, and control music ( pause, resume, turn off or on , lower voice or increase ) . and one more thing that I really love is take a picture and send it to your laptop which will make me able to use my phone camera as a scanner.

here are some pictures of the app and the way it works:

and one more thing to mention is that now I can download the drivers for my printer and use it on the new version of Ubuntu ( 19.04 )
from now and later on Ubuntu is going to be my main operating system. wowwowohooo I love it after the last update it makes my life way much easier than it’s with WINDOWS 10.