Ubuntu 19.04 (graphics change)

hello everyone.
I have recently installed Ubuntu 19.04 on my laptop and I really love it. with the new update they have added new features and they worked really hard on the graphics drivers of the system, because I can tell that the brightness and the colours of the screen looks way much better than 18.04 and 16.04. In the old version of Ubuntu which is the 18.04 I always see my screen kind of cuts in half when I play video games at 60 frames per second or if I play movies in the web browser. for the movies problem it was just because I don’t have chromium which has a specific add-on or extension that is needed to make graphics run smoothly within the window of the browser but for the video games problem it all gone after updating to 19.04. So if you are a gamer you may want to give Ubuntu 19.04 a chance to make your game more bright, smooth and full of enjoyment.

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