Super Integrated Awesome Computer Setup

This summer, I have been working on creating the ultimate setup for all my computer needs regardless of where I am or what I need to do. After some time, I think that I have finally achieved it.

Firstly, I have all 3 main operating systems, macOS on my dads iMac that I took, windows on my PC, and Linux on my laptop. I took care of file sharing using shared network folders that I can use for all 3. Then I used a free version of something called Synergy to use the same keyboard and mouse on the iMac and PC almost like dual monitors but with two different types of computers. The reason I have both is because I use my PC for gaming and software development, but it was always hard to develop for iOS, and do some exclusive Mac things.

Secondly, my laptop is not that powerful, however I have allowed Remote Desktop from anywhere as long as I have internet so that I can do anything I want on my $300 laptop. I have also masked Ubuntu Linux on the laptop with a macOS theme so it looks cool.

I have other accessories like headphone, mic, google home that I use as a speaker, etc.

Lastly, I use this software called Moonlight to Remote Desktop my desktop on my phone for true on the go usage whenever I really need it.

I think is really nice and suits all of my needs as someone that is learning networking and software development !


That is awesome!

I’ve been using synergy for a few years as well.

Are you using version 2? It was released and then went back into beta because of all the complaints, lol! I used Linux, Mac, and Windows on three computers.

Lately I’ve just retired them all and got a new Mac. I tend to run Windows and Linux inside VMware. My old Windows machine is now an esxi host that runs a few servers. And the monitor for the linux computer is now running a PS4 :slight_smile:

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