Subspace -- A simple WireGuard server GUI

Self-hosted Wireguard access server, with GUI.

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I am gonna have to test this since I got my main Pfsense firewall hooked up to a VPS (split tunnel). I have some services running in the cloud and I thought instead of creating a config for each device I would do it on the router and have it do the magic. I would need something like this to make config for my devices that are always moving around!

Did you try it before?

No, it might be a project I’ll do with some students soon. It would be interesting to just do a VPS or virtual machine as a wireguard server that connects all your users, no matter which network they’re on.

I am gonna have to convince my instructor that I do something like this with python Django. I don’t care if I am gonna do it alone or with others. I love Wireguard and I like scripting, this would be a great project especially that we have to learn python at the networking engineering technology program (NET). :slight_smile:

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So I tried subspace in the ‘real world’ and it works great. Super easy to deploy, and easy to add wireguard keys with just the QR code.

This week I’m trying Algo:

This not only sets up a wireguard, but also a couple of other types of VPN connections. Again, super easy. This script can either run on a host you already have set up (Ubuntu 20.04 or whatever), or you can use it to deploy a new host on Digital Ocean, Linode, etc. Run it locally on your machine, and it can set up the VPS and install the software using ansible.

I’m trying it all week, will let you know how it goes!

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