River Drone Videos & Photos 2021

April 30, 2021:

So windy at noon today, that I couldn’t even do a 360º photo. The Mini2 can’t handle the wind as well as the Mavic 2. Here’s what I was able to capture before I had to land the drone :slight_smile:

May 1st, Morning. North of the bridges.

May 2, 2021, around noon. South of Fort McMurray, the Athabasca River near the golf course and beyond.


Video (if it says processing, try again in a few minutes):

May 4, 2021, around 8:00am:

Click to activate 360º viewer:



May 5, 2021. DJI Mini2 just before sunset.

DJI Mini2 Photos & Video, May 6, 2021:


Thanks, everyone, for all the support! We had a nice, safe, boring river break in 2021!

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