Public additional IP address and VPS

if I have a vps in france and I order an IP address for it that is in Netherlands would I be able to use lxd which is a virtualization software if you haven’t heard of it before. to setup and openvpn inside of a container and configure the network address of the container to be pointed to the new public ip address would that mean I have two different identities from the public’s side of view and not the company’s side.

would you please lead me to the right answer or how would this thing work or look like

Did you install the virtualizer yet?

You’ll need to assign both IP addresses to the linux system first, and see if that works.

I don’t think you’d really need to use a virtual machine to do this, you can accomplish it with just the built in linux stuff. Just assign a second IP address to your linux box, and handle the traffic using iptables or whatever you’re using for routing.

But the question is… what is it you want to accomplish with two IP addresses? To look like two different servers? Or two different locations?

faking my location or IP address
I haven’t installed the virtualizer yet I was just asking.
and would this by possible with ufw firewall

what I was asking is that would the public or ANY side other than the host know that the server isn’t in the Netherlands?

and lastly. Can the host see the actual traffic or would it be encrypted and decrypted on the servers side which mean the host is seeing the data flow they don’t see the actual data in plain text if its encrypted?

What traffic? I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. Yes, the host could see traffic if the traffic is flowing through it.

If you just want some privacy, use a VPN?

Start over with your thinking and see if there’s an easier way to accomplish what you want to do. What is it you want to do? Send traffic from your house to France, then out through The Netherlands and then to another site? And then not have that other site know you’re in Canada? That adds a lot of complexity if that’s what you’re trying to do.

I think it would just be easier to use TOR or a VPN service that allows you to move servers from one place to another…

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yeah I do totally agree with that but I was just asking I swear to GOD no thing stupid that am doing.
I know like using TOR would satisfy the KISS rule, but I promise “JUST A QUESTION THERE IS NOTHING YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT”

Well, if you’re asking can the host know what traffic is flowing through it, it depends on a bunch of things. But with Deep Packet Inspection and stuff like that, yes, it can.

Thank you for answering my question :blush::grin:.