Networking & Server Activities group

I’ve been doing networking and server activities recently with some students. It’s not a full course, but we are covering some interesting topics. The activities can translate into a module credit, but right now the purpose is just to stay connected and learn something new :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in joining in, let me know via e-mail or a PM here on this site. It’s open to grade 10-12 FMPSD students from École McTavish, Westwood, Composite High, and Frank Spragins. Younger students can join in if they can demonstrate they can keep up :slight_smile: If I get enough interest from younger students, I’ll start a separate group for them.

Our first topic was setting up and securing a cloud server, which we can repeat with a second group if I get enough interest. We can host websites, a Minecraft server, etc, on a linux server.

Right now, I’m thinking of starting a second group on Wednesday afternoons (1:00 PM or so). We’ll use Zoom to get started, but eventually you’ll be able to go and work on your own.

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Hey we’re starting another group at 1:30 or so today (Tuesday). Be sure to sign up for an account here, and send me your username, so I can add you to the network group.

Hello sorry that I responded late but could I still be added to the new group?

Sure! We’re starting around 1:30 today, for about an hour, and we’ll meet later this week again as well.

I’ve added you to this group: where I’ll post links and stuff. Including today’s Zoom link.

Anybody else who wants to join, let me know – you can send me a private message on here. You must be an FMPSD student (any school) from Grades 10-12.

Add me as well please!

Can I be added as well?

Ok you’re in… join the zoom meeting.

Can you add me too please