Need help seting up wireguard on ANDROID

Hello everyone.
I recently got interested about wireguard because I like the way it works and how fast it is. comparing to openvpn.
[ openvpn ]
max bandwidth: about 300 Mbps
average ping time: about 1.5 seconds
source code: about 200000 lines
[ wireguard ]
max bandwidth can carry: 1011 Mbps
average ping time: about 400 ms
source code: less than 4000 lines
Just looking at the difference between both it seems huge and it is actually worth it to use wireguard instead of openvpn.
so I tried to set it up but I always mess it up on my phone and not my desktop "I already have done it on my desktop Ubuntu 16.04 " but for phones it sounds like really complicated.
Professor @miguel . May I ask for your help since you know a lot about networking.

What’s the error message you’re getting when you set it up?

I’ve used it before, though not on Android. It’s fine, just not that widespread. I don’t think it’s worth the effort right now, though. Especially if you have to spend a long time setting it up.

And those stats you’re posting make no sense. What are you comparing? Where is the average ping time 1500 over openvpn? That’s crazy. Ping time to what? The moon?

I hope if I can play with aliens, hopefully that would be possible after using WireGuard :joy: .
The comparison is on their website here ( all the way at the end of the page ):

I am just trying to understand what is the “Address and Listen port on the client side” because in most tutorials they use e.g.,, what are these numbers? is it an interface that wireguard creates once it runs on the server? everything else is totally understandable.

Yeah, those are private address ranges:

So whatever range you use for the server, you should use for the client? It’s the same with openvpn as well, isn’t it? You set the client range on the server and assign an IP when a client connects.

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