Looking for cloud storage provider

Hello everyone,

Does anyone here know of a good affordable cloud storage provider? I am not looking for something like google drive, OneDrive, etc… I am looking for something that supports storage over iSCSI or network file system shares. I need about 500 GB to 1 TB of storage that I can attach to a server that lives in the cloud. My network speed for that server is 500 Mbits/s upload and download.

Thank you in advance,



Do you want good, or do you want affordable? :slight_smile:

Good is AWS or any of the other services that use the same kind of API. Affordable is using Google Drive or something similar and rclone mount.


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Doesn’t google ratelimit normal users??

Yes definitely. But it’s cheap.

If you want on-demand iSCSI or similar, you’re talking $100/month or so.

I can set you up on one of my google domains if you want to try Google Drive as storage (use rclone and encryption). unless you’re transferring hundreds of GB a day, it won’t be too slow.

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