Linode Virtual Hosts Help

I originally had 1 website running on my linode server which was working fine, but I wanted to run another one, so I did but I encountered a couple of problems I can’t solve.
The websites are: and

#1 I installed an SSl certificate in both websites again with certbot, and my certificate on isnt working anymore for some reason

#2 is only showing text, I am not sure what I did wrong.

Can someone help me out?

Hey, if you’d like we can get on a virtual meeting and check it out later this evening.

Sure, What time?

Im free all day so just msg and ill be there

ok, sorry, was out all day with the drone :slight_smile:

Will send you a message in a bit.

Perfect, let me know when you are free. :slight_smile:

Ok, check your personal messages.

How did you get www to redirect to non www?

I tried following this tutorial but I had no luck. Hopefully I have to wait for it to update or something, so I’ll look back at it tomorrow morning, but I don’t think that is it so I am kind of confused.

I also tried adding it on port 443 and .htaccess but still no luck.

Yeah, don’t mess with it if it’s working :slight_smile: Leave it alone and I’ll show you on a remote session soon.

I’m busy with a bunch of stuff for a client later this afternoon, but perhaps later this evening?

the problem is microsoft edge redirects to www

The person im building it for uses microsoft edge, so I’d rather have it working on both, and I also want to figure out why what I have is not working.

Sure, later this evening works for me.

Yup, you were right, I broke it again :roll_eyes:

Do you still need help? I’m available in about 30 minutes if you do…

Whoops, sorry!

I was busy with this:

Yeah, I still need help. Just reply to this when you are available; I’m in no rush.