Linksys EA6500 v2 from Ebay!

Here is a router that I bought from Ebay for 20 bucks and it seems to be in perfect condition. It is got some really good wifi antennas.

1 Gbps x1 WAN ethernet port.
1 Gbps x4 LAN ethernet port.
3 internal antennas.
x1 USB 3.0 @ 5.0 Gbps for local and remote storage sharing.
x1 USB 2.0 @ 480 Mbps for local printer sharing or could also be used for storage sharing.
2.4 Ghz wifi @ 450 Mbps
5.2 Ghz wifi @ 1300 Mbps
backward compatible wifi

@miguel do you take a look at this. it is got 2 USB ports in the back for network storage sharing both locally and remotely.

Do you think I would be able to install pfsense on it?

I don’t think you can do pfsense on it, but you might be able to find other firmware for it. Maybe DD-WRT?

But make sure it’s the same version as the guides.

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yup it is supported by DD-WRT!