Laptop Advice (from Windows security)

I am currently looking to purchase a new laptop and I have been hearing a lot about these security issues with Windows 10. Assuming price to performance is not a factor (as Apple laptops are generally lower on this scale), would these issues make it worth buying a MacBook rather than a Windows laptop?

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I wouldn’t worry about the OS, you can always change it, or run VMs, or whatever. Linux, Mac OS, Windows, it’s no big deal. If you’re doing computer science you’ll probably want to run a unix or linux anyway.

If I were looking for a new computer, I’d start with a price, then try a few computers at the price you picked. Don’t do it the other way around.

You can get a $199 Lenovo Chromebook that you can put Linux on, and it will “do the same job” as a $5000 MacBook Pro. Just like you can get a $500 car that will “do the same job” as a $50,000 car. But one just does the job much better, has better quality, etc.

So forget all the specs and stuff. Start with a price, then go and try computers at that price. Maybe you don’t like a certain keyboard, or maybe you don’t like how flimsy a case feels, or don’t like the screen, etc.

Start with a price, not with a brand.

Thanks, that is helpful advice.

don’t worry about the operating system because as soon as you format the disk and reinstall the OS everything that would cause harm to your data would be gone unless there is some hardware modification.
just ask your self if you wanna play video games, do some coding, graphical design, etc…
and this is what I would recommend.

Video games: Windows 10 with a powerful graphics card, processor, and enough ram. for example, these specifications:

CPU: core i7 or i5 6th generation or above
GPU: GTX 1050, something equivalent to that, or above.
RAM: Not less than 8 GB.
Harddrive: SSD is faster in terms of booting time and game  launching up time and also muti-tasking.
OS: Windows 8 or above.

that would be good for playing video games medium settings 60 frames without experiencing lag and also video editing. if you wanna do some coding just get a laptop that runs windows 7 or above with no less than 4 GB ram. if you wanna do some IOS application coding or MAC_OS coding like making MAC apps you would need apple for sure.

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