Identity Challenge

Okay, let’s get straight into it.

Who Am I?

First Name; Last Name.

There is something odd 'bout this picture. Nah, I’m seeing things.

You shall not use any reverse image search tools.

You will use some techniques you have been thought in the Borges challenge.

VERY Helpful links:



Hint’s will be posted if lost.

This challenge is very simple and easy.

I dunno, Caprinder, you can tell people not to reverse image search, but I’ll bet that’s the first thing they do :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I found your name right away. I’ll leave it to someone else to post your last name :slight_smile:

Ahah, that’s funny. I should have used a different image but this was the only one I had that was quick to upload and on hand. That’s exactly why I told not to use reverse image search. I shall make another one when I get home; or when ever I get time. This time without a image so closly related to the answer itself.

Base64 encryption.
This is an old one come up with a new method :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.

I appreciate you making the challenge all the same! Good idea!

It clearly said and I quote “You will use some techniques you have have been thought in the Borges challenge”. So like, ofc it is gonna be same.

Have you found my last name yet?

Don’t worry; you will get more that are way harder. Soon anyway’s :^)

Diyaa, you can make the next challenge, but first you need to solve this one :slight_smile:

I found your name bub, but I didnt do any decryption I just searched up Splash06 on youtube and looked through channels before I saw this image.

I don’t wanna expose the name though because I’m not sure if that counts as cheating.

This is base64 encoding for


This is


Taking your image to the first link and decoding it gives us this:

Yzhrxzoob; Zxgfzoob; Hznv; Vmrtnz?

Rm gsv zokszyvg, u rh gsv 6gs ovggvi; w yvrmt gsv 4gs

Mfnyvi zmw Xzkrgzo ovggvi rh z NFHG!


And decoding it at the second link gives us this:

Basically; Actually; Same; Enigma?

In the alphabet, f is the 6th letter; d being the 4th

Number and Capital letter is a MUST!


Which decodes from Base64 as

You thought you were close

You are perhaps correct. gives you another image, with this message hidden inside:


Nanrey is all you need to know. Guess you shall now.

Epic huh?




Ez, that’ it :slight_smile:

Cool! Well done. Especially the layers.

Who wants to do the next one?

@miguel post the enxt one

I have one, but it will take a while to set up. @Diyaa do you want to post one?

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@miguel I am going through a hard time these days.
I am sorry for being inactive, but don’t worry Diyaa still loves networking and linux servers.