I wonder how does the encryption on this server works!

is the certificate physically installed on your server or is cloudflare copying your server and encrypting it? how does it actually work, because based on what I know cloudflare don’t attempt to install it on your server?

The server has its own certificate and does ssl by itself.

But if you’re viewing the cloudflare version of the site, then you get cloudflare’s cached copy of the site and it’s assets. So you see cloudflare’s ssl certificate.

When cloudflare actually connects to the site and caches things, it communicates with https as well.

If I visit the site from inside the network, I don’t go through cloudflare. So I see the fortmactech ssl certificate.

Take a look here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170416-End-to-end-HTTPS-with-Cloudflare-Part-3-SSL-options

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Here’s what it looks like from inside the network:

and from outside, via cloudflare:

We’re using this model:

But if you just set up a website for the first time and don’t want to mess with SSL, or don’t know how to, you can have cloudflare do it for you this way:

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Setting up letsencrypt is relatively easy, though. And if you put the renewal in a cronjob, you don’t even have to worry about renewing your certificates.

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Got it.
Thank you mister @miguel.