I think I have been hacked

Alright, so here’s the rundown:

Around a month or two ago, I realized that my laptop didn’t have enough power, but my desltop was fine. I decided if I could remote access my desktop from anywhere, then I would have power and portability. So, my naive self opened up port 3389 to the internet from my network and happily used it for a while. Later I noticed that random ports started to be opened in my network. Now, my computer is constantly signing out as if someone else is remotely accessing it and when I open it, there are new programs open that I did not open. This has led me to conclude that I have been hacked. I ran netstat -ano and saw that there was many connections to my computer, but I did not know what to do with that information.

I was wondering if any of you security experts could help me out with that. I am sort of worried and have become paranoid.

If it is possible, I just want to disable all port forwarding on my network/

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Your computer has a remote access trojan for sure.

Format it.

Don’t open up ports to computers (especially windows computers). Use something that can be started on demand, like teamviewer or anydesk.

Or better yet, run a VPN so you can be “inside” your network when you’re on the road.

If I format my computer, will I lose all my files on it and settings/preferences on it, or is there a way to save them.

Back up any data files, everything else, you’ll want to re-install anyway. You don’t want to back up any executable files. Because you’ll probably be backing up the trojan or malware as well.

Trust me, it will take less time to format and set up your computer than it will take to try and find any back doors, trojans, rootkits, etc.

have you ever heard of a thing that is called “UPNP” which stands for Universal Plug and Play
this feature is available on advanced internet modems that you get from your ISP this feature opens a port once a program requests it from a device that is connected to the network and have an IP on it.
so from what I read I would say that you might have installed transmission-qt on your desktop which will require the router to open some random ports so that you can talk to other peers world wide or whatsapp which needs to have a port open on the firewall system. yeah that is true WHATSAPP needs a port to forward data sometimes I always notice that on my network or if your siblings are playing games like ea games or steam games their devices are going to ask the router to open a port that is managed by the software so that they can play online on servers that are out of your network.
come on you guys did the networking class twice and you can’t figure this out :joy:
to control things on your network I would suggest you to install openvpn and set it up on PORT 443 again 443 and not 1194 because on every single network 443 is an essential port so it has to be opened for users to be able to use https protocol and also you can access your whole network remotely and also once you go to places where the internet is very restricted you can use your openvpn because it will force all your internet traffics to go through port 443 and that will give you freedom.
so I have a server and the way I access it is only by my openvpn and all ports are closed accept 443 and the ssh port. on that server I have a nextcloud server where I could upload data to it and store them, transmission so that I can download movies, plex so that I can watch them. All these services are running on a single server and I never got a complaint from OVH or performance slow down so I suggest you to do all that because you need this and I believe you would learn it and you might do it in away that is smarter than mine.