How to install Lineage OS?

Hello everyone.
This is kind of a tutorial to help you installing Lineage OS on your phone, but before doing that there are two things you should know:
1- You might lose a part of your phone. Like for example when did this I didn’t like it because my phone speaker was running on pass+ which is mean the max volume is 500% instead of 100%, so after getting that bug I re-flashed the official Samsung firmware for my phone ( Samsung Galaxy A5 2017;SM-A520W ) but the problem is still in my device. I couldn’t figure it out. 2 days after the I Luckily got another bug which leaded my to re-flash the official firmware again and that have solved all the problems that I had with the phone (so just remember any problem in the OS level could be solved by re-flashing the official firmware of your device, and if that doesn’t work just re-flash it again and again until all the bugs are fixed) .
2- The mean reason of installed this OS is to increase the level of privacy, but that comes at the cost of getting less advantages for the user. and one other thing is that you will need to Root your phone at some point which will make harder for many applications or software’s to be installed on your phone even after re-flashing the official firmware on your phone (so, use a phone that you don’t cry when you loss it).

step number 1:
go to the official Lineage OS website and check if it’s available for your phone, and if it’s not then I am sorry to tell you that (you can’t try the Lineage OS unless you pay a phone that’s supported).
This is the website Link: click here
This is how it looks like.

click on Download and that will take you to the Download page when you get there search your phone name and download the last version of the OS that’s available.
you can go from there and follow the instructions or follow my way because I prefer using Odin than the software they use for this operation.
1- search up the Odin 3 software for Windows, download it.
2- search up the TWRP website to download the twrp custom boot loader for your phone.
3- go to the settings of your phone enable developer mode by going to the settings > about phone > and then click on the module number for several time until you see a small notification popping-up at the bottom of your screen saying (you are now in developer mode or something like that.) now go to Settings > developer mode > and enable custom OS (it will ask you for your password enter it) and turn off your phone after that.
4- turn off your phone and then go to the download mode by pressing these buttons at once (Volume decreasing button + Power button + the home button) until you see this page (if you are using Samsung phones )

now press the volume up button to accept the risk , and that will move you right to the download page.
this is how it looks like:

now it’s time to lunch up Odin on your computer and this is what you will get when you lunch up Odin 3 on Windows:

you will see Odin saying ( Added!! ) when you connect your phone to the computer ( try to use the original USB cable that came with the device) )
now click on the button that says BL and select the TWRP Boot Loader that you Downloaded in the previous steps and click Start ( do not miss with any of the buttons that you see in the Odin program’s windows, because that might cause losing your phone) your phone will reboot automatically after that you will get to this page:

I suggest you to insert an SD card and Backup all of your data at this point to make sure that we can get back to official firmware easily.
after that you will need to format and then copy the lineage OS on an SD card and then install > change storage location> SD card > and then when navigate to the directory where you saved the Lineage OS zip package, click on it and say install , now you will need to give it sometime to finish then your phone will turn on automatically and boot up to the Lineage OS. here is a picture of what you will see at the end:

now it’s time to customize the system in the way you like.
your first step after that is to check for updates.
Congrats!, you have successfully done a developer level operation.
This is a final picture of the OS:

This is the toolkit that I have used for this process:

The process of heading back to the official firmware that you have backed up

it’s a very very very simple process.
1- turn off your phone.
2- press ( volume increasing Button + home Button + Power Button ) all at once, that will get you to the Boot Loader and then click on Restore and choice the file that you have backed up when you installed the system.

finally, I would like to say Thank you very very much to Mr.@miguel for letting me borrow his phone to take these nice pictures (the once that are in the post).
if you have any questions don’t forget to contact my at [email protected] .
Thanks for reading this post and I apologize for the language because I am an ESL student.

Just in case if you are wondering these are all of the pictures.
most of them weren’t used in this tutorial to make it as short as possible.

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