How do I allow VPN-client to VPN-client talk?

Hello everyone,
I was just wondering if there is away to allow VPN-clients to talk to each other like for example if there is a client on the OpenVPN server that is running an application or some servers on port 1234 the other client wouldn’t be able to visit the site hosted on client 1 like : client1:1234 wont work.

@miguel can you help me with this one?

They should be able to see each other unless you have something denying it. Do you have a firewall going?

If you’re using openvpn, do you have client-to-client enabled?

Check this out:

And look at the ones that have client-to-client in the config.

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:frowning: yes I do have a firewall but is the firewall an issue since this is on the same interface like it is on interface tun0 not eth0

client to client is not enabled I believe and it is not clear to me how to enable it in the server.conf.
Do I just add client-to-client to both the client configuration and the openvpn server.conf?

Thank you so much. It worked.

I added the line client-to-client to my server.conf file and restarted the server and now it is working just fine.