High ping and low internet quality while not using VPN compared with using VPN

in the last 3 months my internet start slowing down and I was getting a higher ping time in games and even in the browser like it would take about 15 second on average to load a youtube video my feelings were telling me that there is something wrong with my internet and I was to nervous about it to a level where I did a fresh installation for all of my operating systems phone, laptop, and server to see if I have created the problem or if it’s “my internet is been intercepted” I also changed the web browser that I am using and used the DNS of my ISP but the internet kept getting worst and worst while days are passing I told myself why not to start the networking course “compTIA network+” and learn more about how the internet work. I actually did and I learned how to use wireshark to scan or learn the way packets flow through the internet from my local machine to the destination machine. Yesterday I spent about 4 hours of my time trying to figure out where the packets go or how they reach the destination point it was really weird that once I am not using my VPN while I am on discord in a Voice Chat channel I always have a higher ping and about 50% packets dropped and I just can’t hear people that I am talking to or they sound like a robot I mean I hear some words but I don’t hear everything they say, but after using a VPN the ping time was about 220 ms on average and I had 0% packets dropping which doesn’t make sense.

once I am on a VPN the requests seems to be going straight to the destination but once I am not on a VPN it goes to IP-addresses that aren’t really the destination and I am sure it’s not the DNS I mean my local DNS. These IPs seems to change every single time a user makes a new request or connection on the network.
I called my IPS and they just called it " weird ". Is there anything and I really mean ANYTHING that I can do to solve this problem ?

@miguel may I ask you to help me out with this?

Get a brand-new installation of linux, and plug it directly into your Shaw modem.

Turn off WiFi and have nothing else connected. See if everything’s ok.

Most likely something else going on, maybe buffer bloat or something like that.

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I can’t do that Until my family are not home :joy:

it seems like the packets travel to ontario and then back to fort mcmurray. :thinking:


my system was using IPv6 and after disabling that in the control panel it seems like the internet is as fast as it should be but I still think that there is something else :thinking:

The CDN for this site is Cloudflare. So that’s where your packets will go.

From Fort McMurray:

From where I am today:

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insane :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

they have the best vps service

look at this :fearful: the internet speed is insane

aha got it .
I am just waiting for my family to go somewhere so that I don’t hear screaming :joy:

Don’t base conclusions on “feelings.”

Base them on evidence.

There could be hundreds of things wrong with your internet, but most likely it’s just a router that’s overloaded and can’t handle the traffic. Or doesn’t drop packets properly, or something like that.

I switched to layer 2 bridge mode on my router at home, because when there were significant traffic, it wouldn’t handle the buffering (especially of online games) correctly.

Now I run my own router, and let Shaw just acts like a layer-2 switch or bridge.

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That is the level I would love to reach “Understanding these things in depth”


my internet sounds to be very fine, but I now got where this problem came from.
to anyone who has Msi computer, laptop, or any other piece of hardware the app Dragon Center that is provided by Msi will try to connect your machine to multiple DNS’s to make your game experience better “that is what they say” but in fact that software keeps running in the background it makes diagnostics data and send it to Msi every single day and after deleting this app my internet became as usual.

the app looks like this

@miguel problem solved I did what you told me to do and it was all okay.

@miguel do you think that this IPv6 Forward attempt is fine or something good because it is trying to go out of the network

IPv6 is designed to go through NAT much better than IPv4 – it’s actually not NAT, it’s actually just transversing your firewall as designed. Unless you explicitly block traffic.