Help with ubuntu without sudo

hello everyone.
I tried recently to use ubuntu server without the sudo command I mean it’s totally not there and once I install it like apt install sudo and try to use it it just says that root is not a sudo user.
@miguel could you please tell me away that I could use ubuntu without sudo at all like for example if I creat a user and call it diyaa and I just do su diyaa and once I am in there I just wanna have root access without using sudo I mean downloading packages and sometimes doing sudo -s instead of using the command sudo every single time I wanna do something. I wanna do that because the server i am using is like a pure ubuntu with nothing other than the OS, and apt.
and just so you know I can actually just edit the file at /etc/sudo and make the root user a having sudo privileges on the system but I just wanna learn> I don’t think that you guys had sudo in the 90's .
I am sorry if I am miss explaining something but my point is not to miss up my system again I promise :joy: and in fact I haven’t missed up the system in a month, so I am doing great. And I also installed nextcloud beside only office on my other vps that I got this month from ovh. here you can take a look at it:

I used there script but it toke me about 8 hours to finish the installation and I am now 100% anti-google not even a single google product other than Youtube. @miguel you deserve to be not just a teacher or called sir you must be teaching in universities and getting called Dr. Miguel just like mister said I really learned a lot from you and I appreciate it please keep teaching people that are just like me people who are really willing to learn.


No reason to have root in the sudo group, though.

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Thank you.
The system I used root is not a sudo user but still…it has the right or privilege to do anything.

@miguel What do you think about my new nextcloud server

I really new that it wasn’t gonna work at all :pensive::pensive::pensive:

@miguel please tell me how to solve this
I am using a script that need to run using sudo but not as a root user

this is my sudoers file

I just added this line to the /etc/sudoers file:
diyaa ALL=(ALL) ALL
@miguel do you think that this is a good fix or is there a better way of doing it

# User privilege specification
root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

# Members of the admin group may gain root privileges
%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

# Allow members of group sudo to execute any command
%sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

as I saw on the internet this is how this file should be set

Don’t do huge screenshots with little text. It’s impossible to read on a phone :slight_smile:

Either do a smaller terminal window if you want to do a screenshot, or just copy and paste the text with the pre-formatted tag.

Should have used “Y” at this stage.

I have no idea what you’ve done to your system, or why it doesn’t have sudo in the first place. I’d do this kind of thing in a virtual machine, so that I could roll back whatever changes have resulted in this…

I really don’t get what’s going on that it’s all messed up like this. If you just install the server, it will work. What did you do to remove sudo?

It’s not me. It’s
They edited the system or the build so that it could fit with their AMD cpus system build.

Oh. I use as well, and my system had sudo.