HELP? with java

can’t execute this “” to “HelloWorldApp.class”. I am trying to run it from the command line not by using a compiler like eclipse. I have used notepad to write the code and then saved it to “[The name of the class].java” in my case the name of the class is “HelloWorldApp” and based on what the Oracle Tutorial says, when I run the Command Prompt and go to the directory then type the name of the bath of the JDK in my terminal as I set it in the Control Panel>System>Advance Setting> Set Variable environment, the “” should execute a file that’s called “HelloWorldApp.class” and then when I use “Java -cp . HelloWorldApp” the program should run and give output put The Stupid website explain how to do that on WINDOWS XP.
please help my mister genius @miguel .

this is my java Environment variable.

Thank you guys the problem was solved.
it was just setting the java path environment variable it has to be Java_Home\bin instead of the C:/WINDOWS/System32.