Help With First Wordpress Site

I am creating my first Wordpress site and have gotten a server and domain name working and installed wordpress on it. The problem is, everything is showing up as text.

Another issue is that I cannot get https on it and so it says the site is not secure.

You need to install PHP :slight_smile: and mysql and everything else.

Hey if you need help getting it going, I know @Diyaa has a lot of experience running a Wordpress site.

Once it’s up, he can help you make it secure too, with a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate.

What do I need to install? I have install MySQL already.

As root, try tasksel and look for LAMP server.

It will be my pleasure to help others

Yup what do you have tomorrow

Or can I have your phone number @ChocolateKid
And remember I am on this website as a VOLUNTEER.