Help me build this website

i am looking for some support creating a website that is very similar to i have seen several clones on site and need some input which ones to buy and then some support to modify this to me concept…

please see the links and help me choose


The first one looks much “slicker” and “polished” but I can’t really find a demo of it in action.

The second one looks decent too, and I tried the demo and it works.

I guess it depends on your budget. You’ll still need to rent at least one VPS to get started.

I can help you with that, or even do it for you.

You’ll also want to keep all of these things separate.

For example, you don’t want your domain name registered at the same place that does your DNS or your CDN. Keep all of those separate. Be very wary of any service that offers to do everything for you, because they will lock you into their service. It’s always best to have complete control of your own stuff (domain name, DNS, CDN if needed, and hosting).

As a first step, ask the BSEtech Udemyclone guys if they will give you a demo or a free trial to check it out before buying.

thank you so much!!! will follow up and share the update for your input…and I will definitely need some explanation on the CDN, DNS and VPS, because i dont really know these things… Thank you again… will get in touch soon

Hey @Hayro,

The reason I thought you should post here is that there are a couple of members (cough cough @Diyaa ) that could help you out. Might even be able to run your server for you, etc.

But if you want to have a quick coffee sometime, I can sketch out the relationship between your domain name, DNS, CDN, and web host for you, and tell you some stories about why I now keep these all separate :slight_smile:

Yes that is right I would love to help people, but I need to know what is needed first? I mean do you want my to tell you how to setup a web server?

And one more thing to mention is that to ask yourself what is the main point of this like take me as an example. I was trying to get a VPS ( virtual private server) and use it to download movies using transmission and move them to a folder where plex media server is scanning for movies and then letting me watch them from the server. I wanted all that to be automated I wanted it to be done with absolutely ( no human interaction) a click of a button using scripts, but when I asked an expert in networking and automation he asked me what is the point of all this I said to watch the movie then he said that it is a stupid idea because you can just download the movie and watch it and then I realized that the point of technology is to get from point A to point B as fast as possible not to go from A to Z and then head back to B.
Is this project going to be beneficial for you at all? Does it worth it? Who is the audience and how big is the audience?

Ask yourself these questions and then if the answers are all ( yes because… ) then let me know and I will start helping you with this ?

i will gladly have a discussion with both of you. just let me know where and when works best for you. t. I am sure with your guidance and help I will get this project to the end… Thank you Diyaa for offering your support, I will take the chance and present the project to you…Monday Evening? 7:00? Timmies in Thickwood? or propose a place…Coffee is on me…

Hi @Hayro and @Diyaa

I’ll speak with Diyaa in the morning and tell him more details about the project. And I’ll pass along your details, etc.