Hello everyone.
does any one know what is FTP-TO-SFTP_Bridge?how does it work? when to use it? and why to use it?

The idea is that if you have an old device (or software) that can’t do SFTP, but can do FTP, you can use an FTP-to-SFTP bridge to allow it to connect to modern servers, with safety and encryption.

Sometimes, older equipment (like scanners, copiers, other devices) cannot be upgraded to support SFTP, or only support an older version of SSH. Or some devices (some types of Arduino, for example), aren’t really powerful enough to do proper SSH, but you still want them to connect to your server securely.

So you’d use the ftp-to-sftp bridge as a “middle man” and it would allow ftp connections on one end, and initiate the more modern SFTP on the other end.

I’ve seen some legacy systems that only support FTP, not SFTP, and no way to upgrade the software.

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Thank you for the answer.
I thought it is for making SFTP faster like running SFTP but at the speed of FTP.