Free Linux Laptop!

Hey, who needs a laptop for learning Linux (or just for web browsing, etc) ?

This was a non-functioning laptop that was donated by a generous Composite High teacher, and I fixed it up, upgraded it, and installed Linux Mint on it.

It’s not the fastest laptop, and the battery doesn’t last forever (maybe an hour).

But it’s free! Comes with a carrying case and a mouse. And it has Linux on it. Ready for anyone who is into Computer Science or wants to learn :slight_smile:

Send me a PM on here ( and the laptop is yours!


I’ll take it if you are still giving it away.

Sure! All yours. I’ll send you a PM with my address or I can drop it off.

I mean, why Linux Mint???
why not Ubuntu 18.04??

Why 18.04? Why not 20.04?


Linux Mint has a nicer XFCE bistro than Ubuntu, in my opinion.

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fair enough!!!