Fort McMurray "B-Roll" drone videos

Here are a few “b-roll” videos of Fort McMurray, filmed from a Mavic Mini drone.

These videos were part of a larger project. Only a tiny bit of each video made it into the final production.

I wanted to share these videos because they offer a unique view of Fort McMurray. And they also showcase just how stable the Mavic Mini can be, as a filming platform. I find these videos soothing. I like to play them on a loop in the background sometimes, with the audio turned off :slight_smile: There’s no “action” in the videos. Just long steady shots of Fort McMurray.

Be sure to view the videos in full screen (on a large display) to see the detail. They should render in 4K as well, if your computer is capable of displaying that.


Here’s Downtown Fort McMurray, as seen from Abasand:


The Thickwood Interchange on Highway 63:


And the Athabasca River, as seen from Thickwood. (This is from summer 2020):