Fall photos and videos from my drone

Mac Island on a nice Fall morning. Check out the colours! Taken just after sunrise:

And a sunrise photo:

Here’s another one from earlier this week, but taken at sunset instead of sunrise.

The Metis Cultural Centre under construction on Mac Island:

And a photo:

And some more photos… this is looking down Father Mercredi street. It’s actually a panoramic photo, made up of 9 photos, stitched together. The original is like 8000 pixels across :slight_smile:

And a view of downtown.

Views of Fort McMurray Composite High School that I took earlier this week while making a video for a client nearby:

And a bonus photo of Dr. K.A. Clark School I snapped last weekend:

Athabasca River and that island in the middle of it. Great colours just after sunrise.

Drone photos and video of a foggy morning on the Athabaca River, just south of Fort McMurray.

View on a big screen in 4K for the full effect :slight_smile:

So happy the Mini2 is back in action. Here’s a snapshot from earlier today.

And snapped this one while landing. I really wanted to fly down that path, but drones and branches don’t get along.