Extra Networking Equipment - What to do?

Hey everyone,

Just got my hands on some extra networking equipment including a D-Link router, an 8 port gigabit Netgear switch, a 5 port gigabit desktop tp-link switch, and a 24 port Netgear gigabit switch. Was wondering if any of you networking gurus had any fun projects to work on?

I’ve always been interested in setting up my own server or vpn, but I’m not sure if I can do that with these things–I do also have a couple of old laptops lying around somewhere. Another idea I had is to set up a guest wifi in my house or an office wifi in my dads office room so he doesn’t have to worry about who is hogging bandwith when he is trying to get actual work done.

If anything, I wanna make use of these things as I feel I’ve seen @miguel do some cool DIY projects in the past.

Let me know what y’all think.


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Any chance you can make your own router as well?

Then you could have your own “sub-network” in your house.

Oh god you are so lucky!!

I do all that in a virtualized environment.
Vmware workstations 15.x
And I have it forwarded and publicly announced through a VPS running on ovh.com infrastructures!

Wireguard is something that is really simple and extremely fast. Like you can connect huge networks over the WAN.