End of September, Drone photos

This is a “super-resolution” of Mac Island, shot from over Snye Point. To view the photo in really big resolution, click it, then click it again. You should be able to scroll around and zoom in and out then. This works best on a computer… Don’t waste your mobile data by trying to view the large version on a phone!

Here’s a 360º panoramic version of that same view:

Super Resolution photo of Downtown Fort McMurray:

Views from the Clearwater and Athabasca rivers:

Mac Island with Fort McMurray in the background…

“regular” resolution photo:

And here’s the really high resolution version:

Thickwood as seen from the Athabasca River:

and super-resolution version, including the Highway 63 / Thickwood Interchange:

Here’s a 360º Panoramic of the same view:

A view of Downtown (and Abasand) as seen from across the river.

This is another super-resolution photo:

Drone view of Keyano College:

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