Cloning raspberry pi images using fog server on any alternative cloning tool

Can you help me figure out how to clone a raspberry pi image to other raspberry pis.
Like instead of having to waste 2 hours installing a raspberry pi can I do it using a cloning server or software.

The easiest is just to make a bunch of SD cards.

Why is it taking 2 hours to write an SD card? What software are you using to make the SD card? Is it a slow card reader?

Try it in a computer with a built-in card reader. Should only take 2-3 minutes per card.

Fog isn’t a good idea. Because you’ll need to boot from the network. So you’ll have to make boot SD cards first. And then you still have the speed of the SD cards to take into account.

I will just use dd to copy the initial copy of the system and reflash it with all needed software on it

Get one set up the way you want it, then make an image of that.

Then make copies of that image onto other SD cards. Use a fast card reader (not USB 1.1!). Use one that is built-in if you can, or USB 3.1.

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I would just BalenaEtcher and just clone a bunch of cards from one that is perfectly set up.

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Yeah that is exactly what I am doing.
Thank you very much.