Borges challenge #9

As predicted, Borges challenge #9 is a simple blockchain challenge.

Lol. The only clue you’ll get is Rinkeby / ETH.

Good luck.

With this one, I feel as there are so many things that are possible to do, I do not know what path to take or what will lead me to something that says I solved it.

Check his twitter for an ether address :slight_smile: If nobody gets it by this evening, I’ll post what I’ve found.


Also, lol looks like someone drowning.

Or an overhead view of a zombie.

Started here:

He said it was Ethereum, and on the Rinkeby network.

Search for his address (0xfc575f78c8d380243f7ef28e7d6ae25de1ca86ac) here on

You get this:

Only one of those is the address sending money to itself. So open that transaction and poke around.

Scroll down to the bottom and check the input data, convert to UTF-8, and bingo!

I thought you guys at the workshop would get this one right away!

Well done!

I’m going to come up with something much harder for the next one, and there may be some prizes.

I was out of town, but I feel like I could have gotten that pretty quickly