Borges challenge #8


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So everything you need to solve this should be in that first message. I’ve had to set up a server for the challenge, and I’ll keep an eye on it. Hopefully it won’t mess up. This challenge is a simple network challenge, so I’m sure @Diyaa will get this one!

I think I know what’s going on, but I’ll let someone else jump in. I just tried something obvious with TCP and it works.

Hint: check twitter account and any replies etc. I set the fortmactech twitter account to active notifications, so I get a push notification when there’s a new thread. Well, let’s say there was an interesting reply to one of the automated tweets.


why u gotta be like that

is the name of the category just an easter egg or does it mean something?

also, it is interesting how ur reply has every letter from the alphabet only once

Just a play on my last name. We’re related. Nothing to do with this challenge, which is just a straight up networking challenge. Somebody’s already connected to the server, so I know someone’s figured it out already. Take the credit!

Or maybe someone stumbled upon it by accident?

okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy finally. I am proud!

Awesome! Tell us the steps you did to get there.

Tutorial time (don’t look if you dont wanna see):

So basically

is encyrpted using something called an alphabet substitution cypher, the key for which can be found on twitter as @sandman helpfully pointed out.

so with the encrypted message, and the key:


I put them into this website and hit decrypt and got:

connect using tcp to on port seven eight nine zero then you will be done

So then I used telnet 7890 on bash

I am still unsure as to what exactly telnet does and why I did not have to specify tcp as the protocol.

Anyways if you connect to that then there is a chat room so yeah thats pretty cool.

Awesome. Well done.

Telnet is what we used to use before ssh. On a very simple level, ssh is encrypted telnet. In the old days, everything was over Telnet, as you’d be using a “terminal” to connect to a big computer.

These days we use it for much the same purpose — to connect to another device.

Anyway, in the blockchain workshop now, but the next challenge will definitely be based on networking, ports and protocols.

Try it now if you want, the server will be up for another day or two.

Just type

telnet 7890

Challenge 1: winner was Kaeden

Challenge 2: winner was Garrett

Challenge 3: winner was Kaeden

Challenge 4: winner was ChocolateKid

Challenge 5: winner was ChocolateKid

Challenge 6: winner was Garrett

Challenge 7: winner was Sandman

Challenge 8: winner was ChocolateKid

Challenge 9: winner ? ? ?