Borges challenge #4

Here it is:

Hmmm, I literally just clicked on the link. There seems to be something fishy going on…

I also wanted to take the time to say that I really appreciate these challenges and hope u keep going. Its acc really cool, but I would like to see an in depth tutorial post for each one that ends the thread. I think that that turns it from a competition into a learning process and thats what it is really all about.

This is sorta like our local way less advanced Cicada 3301. Pretty interesting!

lol, this is great. It’s actually a zip file, so I thought it would download and you’d have to figure out it was a zip file and rename and unzip it :slight_smile:

I’ll post another one soon.

Cool, post it in the time u posted it today or from 12-1 or in the evening any time

I wonder if we can do pgp encryption behind math operations or logical operations WITHOUT CHEATING.