Borges challenge #3

Borges challenge #3 will be here at 10:00AM.

Are you guys ready?

For this next one, anybody should be able to solve it using just web-based tools, hopefully.

Ok, look for the hidden message in this photo. borges-3a

If nobody solves it by noon, I’ll post a hint.

Everything you need to solve this puzzle is above this post.

Meanwhile, these guys are trying to find the hidden message in the photo:

Not impressed Google. lol.

But reverse image search is a good starting point for these kinds of challenges. Maybe not for this particular one.

I’m sure @Diyaa or @ChocolateKid can figure this one out with just Google and some online tools. If not, then perhaps ask Mr. Said for some assistance. Or the students who did information security in Semester 2 last year.

If you are going to do a challenge do it on weekends once you are at home and all students are home too then you would know who is the smartest

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Good idea.

I’ll post the next challenge as soon as someone solves this one. Doesn’t look like anyone has found it yet.

This is the first hint…

Got it:


As the caption said, the message was “hidden” in the photo using a simple method of Steganography.

In this case, I literally googled “Steganography online” (as you can see in the Firefox tab in the hint photo and video). I used the first online tool that I could find to encode the text in the file.

Challenge #4 will be online later this afternoon.