Borges challenge #2

The challenge will appear here in just 120 seconds or so…

Stay tuned. @ChocolateKid and @Diyaa are you ready? It will be online at 9:15 exactly.

I am ready for it let’s see who is going to get this one

Ok will be online at 9:15.

Meanwhile, check out our guys hard at work: (click for photo)

Is this the challenge

It’s not the class it’s you.
You make the stupid smarter than the smart :joy::joy:

Ok Borges challenge #2 solved!

It was the QR code!

Challenge #3 will be on later this morning!

But wait where is the link :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Alright this sounds to be brain killing :relieved:

II had the tor browser open in the background :smile::joy:

The link is in the QR codes in the photo. Garret figured it out. Congrats. New challenge soon. Next one I will give more warning.

Click here for challenge #3: