Borges challenge #1

http://onionshare:[email protected]qjqd.onion

@ChocolateKid @Diyaa @sandman and others… This is going to be a series of challenges.

This one should be really easy to figure out. Who will post the solution first?

The link can’t be opened. Is that the challenge or do we need tor or something to open it?

This is the first time I see @miguel suggesting his students to go to the tor network :grinning:

Hurry up and solve it before these guys do…

Can’t open the link.
It’s not working

Ok, this was done with Onion Share

The way it works is that only the first person to connect can download the file. I guess someone got it first. Who has it?

I think it’s a trap :smile::smile::joy::joy:

I didn’t got the file.

Easy af

@Kaeden_Ter_Veer you are in his class which gives you more advantages than me

actually it’s because i used common sense, it’s an onion link so you use tor.

I used it but you opened the link before me so the script is going to drop me

It’s not about common sense it’s about speed and the time I saw the post :smile::sweat_smile:

this is too easy, i win and you lose haha.

Ok, I will post Borges Challenge #2 in a little while.

I wonder if @miguel is laughing beside you right now :joy::joy::joy::joy:

give me money because i won le challenge

Borges Challenge #2 is here: (click)

So what was the soution? Are we unable to solve it now that someone already has?