Blockchain Workshop!

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This is just a bit of promo for a blockchain workshop that YouthComputing is holding this Sunday. I think it will be quite interesting to learn about the architecture behind it and thats why I am posting it here:

On October 20th from 12:30pm - 5:00pm, we will be holding an intro to blockchain workshop from speakers in the blockchain business!

As you may know, blockchain is an up and coming innovation that has taken the tech world by storm and is becoming recognized globally by corporations. It has uses in all fields from, communication, to banking, to even marketing! We would like you to learn how this encryption system works this coming Sunday .

Please register at:

To learn more about CryptoChicks, visit:

To learn more about YouthComputing, visit:

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I think you have a space in your URLs for some reason. Might want to go back and edit them. It’s:

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