Blockchain messenger app

what is the most common blockchain messenger app out there for windows, linux, android, and ios, or basically cross-platform.

do you know any apps??

what I am asking is for an app that doesn’t require decentralized data storage like a p2p app.
don’t tell me about some Facebook or google product I need an app that is free, opensource, and created for the freedom and liberty of the humanitarian republic :smiley:.

I’m not sure why you would want it with blockchain… that’s usually very public, not private. And it’s decentralized and p2p, which you said you didn’t want.

Have you tried Signal? I use that all the time.

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I have tried BCM which is a great app since it creates the encryption key that you will be using locally on your device and once you call someone the call is occurring in P2P form.
In Syria all popular chatting apps are blocked even Facebook was blocked but with this app I was able to communicate with my friends video call perfect call quality and this app also works in China.

in that app “Signal” you would need to create an account

What does BCM have to do with Blockchain? Isn’t that what you were asking for?

Signal is recommended by Edward Snowden and Bruce Schneier. And it’s open source and audited. And it’s a non-profit organization running it.

Here’s where you can actually look at the Signal source code (and compile yourself if you’re paranoid):

From what I understand, BCM is actually based on Signal, but it isn’t open source. You can’t see the source code can you?

I don’t even know how the block chain work I just read in the apps description that it uses block chain and block chain can’t be blocked.
anyways thank you so much for correcting me and I will inform my friends about this.

I don’t think it uses block chain at all. If it did, all messages would be public, wouldn’t they?

so can the government see their massages in plain text on that Signal app??

They just tell me about what is going on inside Syria and send me some pictures of the destruction.
Doing that is considered a crime against the government which will lead to their death in a few days :smile:

Is signal secure enough and unblock-able

There is a few bad stuff about this app.
1- it sends you a verification code which informs the one in “control” that you are using Signal.
2- it requires creating an account.

It’s a chat app. How are people going to chat with you if you don’t have an account? How do you verify someone is who they say they are if there are no accounts?

It uses a phone number as your account. Get a burner phone if you’re paranoid.

There’s no plain text in Signal, and check out the source code.

Have you seen the source code for BCM? How do you know it’s not just recording everything you type?

I am not a software engineer yet. That is why I am asking you, because you know more than I do about these things.

This is their website

The good thing about it is that there is no account it is just a QR that your friend sends you which includes some information to your app on how to fiend your friend and exchange the keys.

So they use the Signal protocol, but they don’t publish their own source code? Sounds really shady to me.