Best file compression format

@miguel I have a question directly to you.
What is the best file compression system?
I was told that it is bz2 is that right!

I am concerned about file size and speed, but I am not concerned about the speed of compression as much as I am concerned about the file size.

“Best” :wink:

There’s no “Best.”

It depends on what you are compressing.

okay, I am asking you, because you know more than me.
it would be kind of you if you provide more details about it.

What are you compressing? What does “best” mean?

The fastest to compress?
The fastest to compress?
The smallest file size?
Open source, cross-platform?

That’s why the word “best” always drives me crazy.

What file are you compressing? And for what purpose?

The smallest file size?
Open source, cross-platform since I am using Ubuntu 18.04 ?

Actually, it would be a good project for someone to take a wide variety of files, and compress with different compression methods.

Something like this:

okay, I will be the one doing that.

I will post my the number of times I tried to make an ethernet cable ( with pictures ) today at school.
that will make you lough for about an hour, but I am learning from these mistakes.:smile:

So it would be ok if it took 24 hours to compress? Or longer? Because I think the smallest file size would probably be with a bunch of different algorithms, depending on your file type.

I think speed of compression and uncompressing is important too. That’s why the “best” is usually a combination of speed, smallest size, cross-platform, etc.

No use having a file compression that nobody else can open :slight_smile:

I was trying to compress a system image cloned from a flash drive to the smallest possible size to have it on a web server which would save more bandwidth and make the download progress faster.
it is not me thinking of this it is someone who asked me about it, and I was a little concerned that’s all.

and by the way what you are saying makes a complete sense to me.
Thank you.