Athabasca River, north of Fort McMurray

Drone photo of the frozen Athabasca River, North of Fort Mcmurray.


This is a 48 Megapixel photo (8000 pixels x 6000 pixels). Be sure to click on the photo for the high resolution version.


Also, here’s a 360º photo of the same location:

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why does it take 48 second to show up on my screen?
how big is the file size?

11.6 Megabyte. Not sure why it is so slow for you. It loaded in less than a second for me.

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I think because the server is on your local network.

I know that it should take way much more less than that time.

now I am a million percent sure that my internet connection is being intercepted, and that is for sure.

That example above was from École McTavish, not from my network.

Here’s an example from my network :slight_smile:

and here’s an example from the Westwood network: