An update about studying at NAIT

Hello everyone,

I moved to Edmonton recently to start my educational journey in network engineering technology at NAIT. I have had a positive experience so far except for the online part :slight_smile:. We have gotten started on VMware virtualization on type 2 hypervisors, Networking, Computer Administration, Technical communication, Structured cabling, etc. I do believe that more than 50% of year one at NAIT is something that I have covered in my last year at Westwood only thing is that we are now learning about TCP/IP and I learned about the OSI module in Westwood which can be extremely confusing. I do enjoy that some of my professors are really tough in their exams which prepares me better for the future. I am enjoying learning about virtualization and how to connect virtual things to physical networks and do lots of cool stuff with that.

I believe that NET is a good choice for those of you that did networking at Westwood. If you are interested in starting your journey at NAIT and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

@miguel Where did you learn Fiber Optic? they don’t teach it in the NET program anymore :frowning:.

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I did my fibre optic stuff at NAIT a few years ago. That’s too bad they don’t do it anymore.

The instructors were awesome.

A few students lost their sight due to their misleading behavior and it turned out to be a safety issue for students at an age range of 16-20, so therefore they stopped teaching students about fiber optic practically. however, it is still taught just as a knowledge and not as a practical skill.

Yes, safety was the most important thing when we were working with fiber. Safety glasses, washing hands, etc. Any tiny bit of glass would be very harmful in your eyes, or if you breathed it in, swallowed it, etc.

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