2022 Fort McMurray Flood Watch

March 25, 2022

360º Photo on Facebook:

360º Photo on Google Photos (click once to view, click again to activate viewer):

Google Photos

March 25, 2022 video:

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March 26, 2022: Clearwater River

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March 29, 2022:

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April 3, near the Thickwood Interchange and Mac Island.

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April 6, 2022.

Hangingstone River no longer has any ice, and is flowing into the Clearwater, which still has ice. The Athabasca River seems to be melting in place, especially near the Thickwood Interchange.

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April 11, 2022. After a lot of snow, I was able to fly a few times to check on the rivers, but the wind kept the flights short :frowning:

Clearwater has open water at the Hangingstone and at Snye Point. Athabasca River has open water near the Thickwood Interchange.

April 11 Drone video:

April 16, 2022:

April 20, 2022:

Water and Ice flowing under the Athabasca River bridges at Fort McMurray:

Quick video (actually just a view from my drone in photo mode):

Photos from April 21, 2022:

8:15am or so:

April 21, 2022, a little after 12:00 noon:

Video from around noon on April 21, 2022:

And the obligatory 360º panorama (click to activate viewer):

April 21, 2022, around 8pm or so:

Video from April 21, 2022, around 8pm or so:

April 22, 2022. A couple of 360º Panoramic Photos:

Athabasca River:

Clearwater River:

April 22, 2022, Athabasca River south of the bridges: