2 WANs through Shaw with DDNS

So I have been redoing my home lab and this is maybe about 40% of what I actually have running at home (still haven’t fully done all the diagrams). I remember myself when I was in Westwood and partially understood networking :slight_smile: @miguel .

I have 4 Pfsense plus firewalls at home.

this diagram shows only two of them :slight_smile:

Looks really cool!

What’s the purpose of the 2 WANs? To have redundancy? Or to separate traffic?

Well it is for both reasons. It provides redundancy for the secondary firewalls (don’t have them on this diagram) and there is specific traffic exiting from a specific firewall!!

Awesome! Great attention to detail.

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Thank you, I just keep the MAC addresses on the diagram because VMware workstation does mess up sometimes and I would need to rebuild the firewall with the backup I have :slight_smile:

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I like to take snapshots of my VMs for this very reason. I also download backups of the entire VM. But you can also just download the pfsense config, which is an xml file.

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Yup I just download the Pfsense config and the VMX file to know how to remake the VM

Here is an update :slight_smile:

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